Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Second post - The amazing throwing skull!

Ah this is how I feel! Trapped in a room, putting up polythene! But you know what working on your own you tend to get a lot done and it cuts down on the arguments.

Of course I forgot the string and so had to go into town and get some.

So that took more time.

But how did I get that polythene up there?

Did I use a ladder?

Well maybe.

But mainly I used...


An AMAZING THROWING SKULL that I bought from the 99p Store last year for Halloween and the Lovecraft think in December.

I attached the string to the throwing skull and threw it over the rafters.


It's amazing, I should go on Dragon's Den.

Anyway over the course of an hour and a bit (taking a break to nurse a cut finger - remember scissors are sharp)


I managed to construct the polythene room.

It does look a bit like one of Dexter 's murder rooms.


As you can see the more that goes up the more atmospheric it gets.


Eventually I made a corridor to the "room".


At lunchtime over a delicious Beer and a Burger from The Monk's Retreat , I wrote three speeches.

Now the thing is this show has boomeranged from pure installation where the audience bring their own narrative... a play with a fully constructed narrative...

...and now back in the control of the audience...

...sort of...

There are various objects/letters/sound making devices for the audience to engage with some of these will act as cues for either other sounds or for scenes...

Therefore these scenes could be played in any order.

I need a few more scenes but I'm happy with what I have so far...

Should have a couple of people to see it tomorrow, it needs a very small audience as it's a small space.


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