Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Wyrd Kalendar: Launch Day! The Wyrd Kalendar Album is Released

Wyrd Kalendar: Launch Day! The Wyrd Kalendar Album is Released: You can buy the album right here, right now... WYRD KALENDAR Released by Mega Dodo Edited and curated by Chris Lamb...

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Wyrd Kalendar: The Wyrd Artists Mix

Wyrd Kalendar: The Wyrd Artists Mix: Join the Kalendar Host as we prepare for the launch of the Wyrd Kalendar album. This will be released on January 1st the beginning of...

Friday, 26 October 2018

Wyrd Kalendar: Wyrd Kalendar Album Available for Pre-Order

Wyrd Kalendar: Wyrd Kalendar Album Available for Pre-Order: The Wyrd Kalendar Album is now available for Pre-Order!  All profits go to Cancer Research UK. With music from Widow's Weeds, K...

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Review - Seatman and Powell - Broken Folk

Highlights Tonight from K.S. Audio
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Broken Folk cover art 1000.jpg

5:00   BROKEN FOLK (BELBURY POLY MIX) (Revised repeat of the show on at 7pm)   In this version of the episode broadcast later today special electronic colour filters designed by Belbury Poly cause our heroes to dance vividly and with complete abandon.
6:15   BOXES WITH RHYTHMS IN (Episode 6) The lauded documentary returns for a final episode. Will our investigators survive in an airless environment on rhythms alone? WARNING: This track contains wonderful repetitive   moments and overlaps that viewers will find deeply lovely.
7.00  BROKEN FOLK (New series) Set against the backdrop of a falling empire join Doug and Keith as they sing and dance in the dark in a deliciously creepy paean to a fractured world.
8.15  MY MORNING RITUAL (FilmAs a lost shaman rhythmically hammers a sacrificial pole into the earth a lonely voice weaves an aural tapestry   of vanished love and tradition.
10.15  MR METRONOME (DramaSynth whispers give clues as to the whereabouts   and status of the mysterious Mr Metronome. A deliciously dark feast of lonely melancholy.

Title:Broken Folk
Artist:Seatman  and  Powell
Released:14th November 2018
Label: KS  Audio  (in  association  with  Belbury  Music)
Cat.No: KSA  008
Format:10” vinyl EP and download

Friday, 21 September 2018

Wyrd Kalendar: The Autumn Mix

Wyrd Kalendar: The Autumn Mix: Join the Kalendar Host this Autumn for a delicious collection of harvest treats. Words from Wyrd Kalendar, Darren Charles and Howard Ingha...

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Review - Soundhog and the Twelve Hour Foundation

Highlights Tonight from CASTLES IN SPACE
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5:05   NEWTOWN PARKWAY (New series) A bloody exciting trip down the   information super-highway on a scooter whilst being chased by   aluminium police detectives about to crack their next case.
10:15   ASTRABLAST The celebration of the excesses of time travel and space exploration continues this week with a jaunty look at how pogo  sticks are manufactured. Listen out for the sweet homage to the end   bit of Doctor Who in 1982.

Buy this wonderful single right here and now.

5:06  BUNCH OF FIVES (New Series) As the five investigate the old   power  plant they get more than they bargain for when they find that they are trapped in a shopping montage.
10:13  FIVE MORE (Film) When visiting a fairground Jemima and Algernon find a   baby Speak and Spell that they teach to dance at the local Bring and   Buy sale.
12:31  COQUILLAGES(Repeat – 2 of 15) Join in with Barbara Masters as she guides you through the second of the fifteen stages of grief in time to the rhythms of a spider spinning a web.

BUY this beautifully presented lathe cut single sided single here.

Monday, 28 May 2018

It's Disjointed Oddities Day! - A review of Disjointed Oddities and Other Such Things - Keith Seatman

It's Disjointed Oddities™ Day!

How will you celebrate?

Firstly can you spot the difference between these three identical images below? 

That’s right! They are completely identical. That’s because on Disjointed Oddities™ Day things that appear different or strange are united in a confluence of joyous abandon. A Child, the Hare and the Old Wooden Chair on Keith Seatman’s celebration of things apparently separate but actually unified: “Disjointed Oddities and Other SuchThings” captures this perfectly. The strange shuffling steam train beat, electronic whistles, creaks and a guide to etiquette at a party playing within, underline the complexities and delights of this exciting EP. “Please and thank you and thank you very much for coming.”

No Disjointed Oddities™ Day would be complete without a visit to Grey Lake. The haunting beats and Cutleresque reminiscing are both haunting and strangely hilarious, which of course is a juxtaposition that this day is all about.

Of course it is then time to enjoy the heady hard stamping disco beats Behind the Curtain, Red Room. Jump. Jump and nod your head in a frenzy of nostalgic enjoyment for a forgotten
future as the beat, sweeping synth and electro drum whoops sweep you along.

On Disjointed Oddities™ Day you absolutely can get Something for Nothing. As this exploration of being stalked by a neo-plastic Jenny Agutter android through a haunted 1970’s Antique store shows absolutely. "Listen to this one."

But we are all Broken Folk. “An Empire is falling” as the Revbjelde remix informs us and Disjointed Oddities day will end. But it doesn’t have to. You can celebrate Disjointed Oddities™ day every day by buying this bloody brilliant EP here.