Saturday, 9 November 2013

Discovery - Black Classical - It is happening again

I love love love this.

Listen to it in order with your headphones on and see where it takes you.

     The mind wanders as the tracks attack...

                              First a beautiful drone sweeping from ear to ear with snatches of haunting dialogue from Twin Peaks and other shows...

     Static to the left,                                                      static to the right,
                                                                                                  is something hiding in there?

There's a lovely windy build in "Sanctuary Lost" that reminds me of the opening to Cliff Richard's "I wish we'd all been ready" the best version of Larry Norman's joyous paean to the apocalypse ever created. Seriously.

"And then it happened" - a lyrical mix of what sounds like electronic old computer dial-up sounds, piano stings, attacking from all sides.
      I really would like to find my old ZX81 tape that contains the old loading noises. A cacophany of magical coding noise. 

Some of the time it feels as though I am travelling down the wires in lines of code, sweeping along without a care on my light cycle...

There is something comforting and dangerously hypnotic in the creaks and groans, the crackles and and static whispers.

At times elements appear alive.

An electric spider on a web spun from hums and crunches.

Experience for yourself.

An exciting and vivid work...