Friday, 26 August 2011

The Doubledotbash Set - Radio Vincent - An MFZ Recording

This is a one take recording of my MFZ set that I created for Reading's Doubledotbash in July 2011.
It combines sound effects, spoken word, soundscape and song to create an atmospheric and apocalyptic vision.
I recorded it in one take as performed at the Festival to give a clear record of how it sounded.
The mixing is done live as is the looping, this means that I'm switching betwen playing the guitar, adjusting levels, picking the guitar up, putting the guitar down, recording, playing and stopping loops, starting soundscapes, effects and spoken word on Jingle Pallette and singing!
This is the first part of a larger set.
The second act will follow soon...

Radio Vincent - Live Mix For Doubledotbash by Chris Lambert Mfz on Mixcloud

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