Sunday, 25 November 2012

Z-Day - The Apocalypse Booth

I'll be uploading a few goodies from this over the next few days. First the Apocalypse Booth. This nightmarish creation was the children's toy cupboard at Battle Library, transformed using a curtain, a shoe-box, two CD players and a chair into the horrifying Apocalypse Booth!

Now you too can make your own Apocalypse Booth! 
Follow these instructions for minutes of joyless introspection! 

1. Find a booth (a cupboard or a toilet are best) 
2. Put a poster on the booth that reads "Apocalypse Booth" you can use the cover of this single if you like! 
3. Download this track and put it onto some sort of device that can play it back. 
4. Put head phones on. 
5. Get into booth. 
6. Turn lights out or close eyes. 
7. Play track. 
8. Ponder your fate in the impending Zombie Apocalypse. 
9. Finish listening to track. 
10. Leave booth. 
11. Open your eyes. (Sorry I should have put that first, I hope you didn't injure yourself.) 
12. Repeat until mad.


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