Sunday, 16 September 2012

Brilliantly Mad Christian Demon Hunter Site

I was looking for this  famous ghost picture for my "Ghost Steps" track (see below) and this was the first site that came up. Lord love them this is brilliant. Here's a quick extract to get your juices flowing otherwise click on the link for more...

Welcome to our web page entitled:
"Demons are real! Jesus (Yeshua) said so"...

STOP! For mature Adults Only
contents below may be shocking to many
Bible Probe has included these pictures below, simply as possibly more proof of the hereafter, and as more proof that Satan and demons are real; and to warn Christians and Jews about mediums, channelers, and sorcerers.We include these pictures below, as well as the several book references, with trepidation; but with the hope true Christians and Jews will not be deceived.  We believe that the first step in believing there is a God, is seriously believing in the supernatural.

It is a work of genius, at times hilarious, at times deeply offensive but always entertaining.

Beyond parody.

I may use some of this for a MFZ project in the future, some fits with the Watchman...

Watch this space.

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