Friday, 28 October 2011

My Pumpkin Family

I would explain but you can probably guess...

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  1. We in Germany deal, actually, with this American tradition of the Halloween evening a little to nothing at all. Nevertheless, we try it after to äffen, of course with rather moderate success. Actually a pity, because this tradition is really nice - just for the children.
    I have up to now in Germany still no hollow pumpkin somewhere in the window or on the porch (we have seen also no houses with porch ^^). The shops try to make with Halloween of course money, there is to buy masks and any decoration. Only they some bars make in the Halloween evening a little bit... although our youth here also without Halloween with alcohol the head to pours. ^^ I often long for being born in the USA and for living there. The USA simply have much more sense for traditions and nice things!