Sunday, 18 September 2011

Deadmans Lane 2 - The Priest becomes a Gargoyle - A Projection - Nightmares are Cool

A projection from earlier in the show. This played behind and over the priest transformation scene. The unfortunate Reverend is cursed by a witch (who he has buried alive in Aldermaston Cemetary, and finds him self turning into a flesheating gargoyle (or more correctly "grotesque" if I remember QI correctly!)
The video was created from many jpegs, during the filming process the actor was gradually made-up.
The video was then heavily manipulated in Adobe Elements.
The sound is created by Music for Zombies.
In the show we added in a further scream to help with cueing for the actor.
Enjoy and do have nightmares!
Nightmares are cool.

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